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Nightscapers Christmas Light Installation

How do you calculate your costs?

There are several factors that contribute to the estimated price of a job. These include the complexity of the project, electrical constraints, and of course the length of time necessary to complete the job. We take our time on each and every job, and pride ourselves on providing you with the most professional results. There is no charge for an estimate.

Is your work guaranteed?
Absolutely, we hang lights to your satisfaction. While we take our time to do a professional job when we hang lights sometimes wind, rain or other factors will cause a strand of lights to stop. Our installers are trained to troubleshoot and any subsequent problems are corrected without charge as soon as possible.

Do you charge extra for troubleshooting or light removal?
No. We are a full service company dedicated to customer satisfaction.


How soon can you put my lights up?
Lights are generally installed within seven days from when we give an estimate during season. Commercial customers and those requesting a specific time of installation generally get an estimate prior to the season and schedule an installation time.

Do you hang lights year round?
We will do commercial projects such as restaurants who wish to keep lights up year round but we do not do parties or other small installations during the off season.

Why should I use your service?

Hanging lights can be a time consuming, aggravating and risky proposition. Let our experienced installers navigate rooftops and tiles while you enjoy the holiday or party.

Will you hang my lights?
No. Since we must also maintain the lights during season we use only our lights which are of high quality.

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